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Unleashing The Super Women in Wanda

Greg Prince
2 min readApr 25, 2019

An entire day off from work before her scheduled 2 in a row seemed like a full vacation. Wanda needed the 3 days away from CostRitz and dealing with all the merchandise emergencies.

Powerful electric bursts flowing from your body was a drastic lifestyle and mindset shock.

Coming to grips with having superpowers looked easy in the movies and comic books but not in the real world. She figured to use her staycation for beginning to process her situation.

What would she use her powers for?
Did she have to wear some clinging to the skin, breast bulging spandex costume every comic book portrayed superhero women in? (Male masturbatory crap)
Did she have to save the world?
Would she kill bad guys or turn them into the police?

So many questions barraging her. The inner dialogue was nuts but it stopped with what began as a hiss then rumbled to a growl.

Charge demanded Wanda’s attention.

Calico cat super buddy complained due to Wanda’s hand stroking its back a bit too emphatically. Her hand was glowing hot white and blue with furious atomic electric humming.

Baring her teeth Charge turned and looked Wanda in the eyes then opened her mouth and emitted a high pitch sonic “Meowwwww…” so powerful it knocked Wanda off her feet and 5 feet backward in the air.

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Being new to her auditory supersonic weapon Charge paused in as much shock as Wanda felt stunned. Cat powers besides super speed and jumping welled up curiosity in Charge regarding what other abilities she might possess.

Being thumped by a cat is humbling but Wanda found herself amazed and intrigued. She had a super equal.

Deciding to be creative, Wanda stood erupting into a sizzling ball of electric current and flew out her apartment’s sliding glass doors. She was lightning fast.

No one could discern what they saw if they saw anything.

The phenomenon of Wanda took flight.

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