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Unraveled Upward

Greg Prince
2 min readJun 30, 2019

Streaming Advances.

Burning down upon my back.
Heat rising in swelling vapor.
Laughing visions caress aching skin.
Drive my heels, keep me on track.

Aspirations unending in earned toils.
Boundaries erased and thrown upon sharp boulders.
Stripping illusions without mercy.
A growing heart listens, sees, and uncoils.

Complex wavering mixed with joys.
Skipping on rungs leading up through trees.
Watching dreams turn into lead.
Creating head stories like precious toys.

Keep hanging on and by a thread.
Piercing truths clear and harsh.
Hang a doubt on paths washed clean.
Can’t take back what i did or said.

  • Turn —
  • Change —

Believe in a place beyond edges.
Uplift, increase and dig new fields.


Pick up the pieces.
Reconstruct needs and return to simple.
Rainbows up ahead.
Possibilities aflame in thoughts between the creases.

Apart yet fully here.
Take in trials and pain.
Separate and discriminate and grow from past labels.
Make the path you wish to be clear.

Insistent on and on we go.
Waves crash around us.
We splash and struggle for the goal.
Ends justified with love and sharing throws.

Dashes circling around false pretenses.
Can’t escape patterns ingrained.
Face them and mold them again and again.
Absorbed reframed to leap over former fences.

  • Cry no more —
  • Weep with cheer —
  • Binding hates —
  • Erase old fears —

Burning heat an iron marks my soul.
Sting is welcome, is real, gives me hope.
Sing a new song of happiness and zeal.
Alive and ready to answer every call.


Evening Reflection

Greg Prince

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.