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Verbal Jui Jistu — Word War To Bring Peace

Greg Prince
5 min readDec 23, 2018


Wordmasters, use your skills and talents to stop bullies, thwart personal attacks, and enjoy more comfortable social gatherings.

Let’s get excited about using our innate abilities and refined word expertise to overcome dealing with the insulting relative, the hurtful-sarcastic advice giver, the condescending do-gooder, and more.

Going to family gatherings can be daunting. Your boss likes to pick on you. You can’t take another barb about personal decisions and the assaults keep coming.

What are we going to do to short circuit the pain flung our way?

Time to lock up and load, stand and be counted, face the problem and shut down the onslaught of abuse.

Tools of word gunslingers are subtle and sublime.

We can think around and through problems using the word martial arts of deflection, redirection, and obfuscation.

Do you remember teasing other kids in early grade school with, “Look, your epidermis is showing?” That was a good joke in 3rd grade. So many kids looked down to see if their pants zipper was open.

We can use our words for fun in a similar spirit to obtain a favorable outcome in awkward circumstances.

What if you can have a blast rerouting a dirge shot in your direction, rebound it to the sender, and nullify the critical energy? With practice and a good thespian performance, you can have the power.

Don’t worry about the acting. We all act when we want something and in this case, we desire to retain self-esteem and be content.

Aunt Sylvia greets you at the yearly family gathering. She knows you are working hard and taking care of the kids but you don’t have much money. You hold Aunt Sylvia in high esteem.

She says, “Hi, so at least you made it this year. Must be difficult having time between shits to visit with your loved ones.”

“ You’d think you’d find a way to make things easier on yourself and your family. You were so smart when you were young. What happened? I always thought you had so much potential.”

Sylvia ends with the guilt trip shaming to crush your spirit. How do you answer…



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