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Wanda’s Superhero Costume Choices & Crazy Cats

Greg Prince
3 min readApr 29, 2019

Unexpected challenges and super pet troubles.

Every damn superhero movie and story centered around New York, New York. Why is that? Wanda felt out of place. She lived in Belle Isle, Florida.

Comic book superheroes didn’t originate in Florida. What would have Stan Lee thought about her beginnings?

Having watched too many mutants based superhero movies and flicks with some ball hugging costumed hunk wrecking the scenery to thwart evildoers, Wanda decided she would need an identity-masking outfit.

Staying as private as possible would be key in accomplishing super deeds as well as maintaining a semi-regular life.

Finding a material able to withstand the intense heat her body produced proved challenging. Since she didn’t have a sugar daddy billionaire financing her every need the solution had to be affordable. Wanda decided on Kevlar.

Motorsport competitors wore clothing made of Kevlar because the material was slash resistant and durable. Being made of fibers which are flame resistant and can tolerate high temperatures made Kevlar an easy and most affordable choice.

After ordering several yards of brown Kevlar Wanda decided a form-fitting yet flexible outfit would work best to allow her a free range of movement and aid with aerodynamics. So many factors to consider in superhero costume stuff.

She was an ace at designing and constructing clothing. Wanda kept a side gig making custom women’s shirts, pants, and dresses with outrageous patterns she sold on eBay. Her following there couldn’t wait for her new selections each month.

The heavy duty commercial sewing needles she used found no problem piercing the strong Kevlar fabric. Wanda made three costumes with face matching face masks to hide her identity.

She put on her new outfit and used her mental cue to get her superpowers flowing. It was test time. Wanda flew out the window of her apartment with the quickness…



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