Change Megaphone

Watch Who You Post With — Rebel Against Losing Writing Rights

Choose carefully which stories you wish to put in a publication.

Rise Up

Schism and not afraid
Upfront, ready, bold
Find the courage
Bare my back to the lash
My want to upbraid
Feel I for my kind
Let us not be cowed
Let us not be blind.

One of the reasons I joined Medium is because of the freedom it represents. Publishing is free to do, so awesome.

Then, one may earn money with their writing with very little restrictions on subject matter or content. Brilliant! A dream chance for an aspiring writer to grow an audience, be read, and explore creative writing avenues.

But, temptation rears it’s ugly siren’s call.



Popular and an established method to reach more eyes. Drat! What is this evil creeping and standing among us? So they seem benign and only for our benefit.

Oh yeah, baby, I want to be popular. I want more reads. I want. I want. I want. Where has my art gone?

Must be in publications.

Must be part of the machine.

Must be one with groupthink.

The benevolence of most Pubs is evident. Nothing could be possibly askew with their mission: The building of our writing community.

However something stinketh. A rot infesting in this brew of kindness.

Sign Street Road from Pixabay

Fucking Rules and Restrictions, Rights, and Exceptions


First rights of digital print are given away. Some require permission to use your own words in a different publication. My creation is no longer mine.

What you say?

Are you telling me in your wonderful publication asking for my submission the writing I did will no longer solely be in my control?


And, I have to give you credit lest I be litigated against. Why is it again I came to Medium? Why are you on Medium with all these rules? Does Medium care? Should I care?

Why should you care? I’m just jumping out there with the thought a majority of us want to write totally free of any bonds and shackles to legal terms beyond those in agreement with Medium.

Could I be wrong? Hell yeah.

I would like to see some of the publications associated with Medium to revise their policies on author rights. If I want to publish a book with a major publisher I know I have to give up a great deal of control over my book but not here.

Please not here on the oasis of writing, not on Medium.

Jameos Del Agua from Pixabay

Change is great and the main reason for me writing on Medium. I needed to change where I was writing, for whom I was writing, and the boundaries surrounding what I could write in a forum.

“Let my writers go,” the all creative entity shouts. “Bound us to your strictures no more,” the voice of aspiring imagination cries.

Emancipate and Redeem yourselves. Discriminate wisely which stories and articles you wish to relinquish any rights for.

Change and Be Free.

Beyond Belief Yield from Pixabay

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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