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Welcome To Serenity Land

Greg Prince
2 min readMay 7, 2019


Where the world is ours to show you.

Aunt Pearl,
May 6, 2049

Yay! Got my new Cogmod today. I love being reborn every 10 years. Our handlers do such a wonderful job with the code. Only allowing pleasant and productive memories gives everyone happy spirits.

Weird though. Holes in my thoughts. I’m missing something.

Where is my brother? All I can remember is walking across the street with Jim. He said, “Hey Lisa.” I turned to look at him making a silly face and then nothing. The memory goes to grey and fades away.

Codefix will help. Turning in an Unease Resolution Action will be a lot of work and waiting but Codefix Admin can clear my Cogmod for better recall.

Nobody could ask for a better commune to belong to. HugTerra is filled with lovely faces and never any disputes unless someone’s Cogmod goes haywire.

Our simple behavior conform, MindNumbFull gives us such easy rules to follow.

  1. Follow The Rules
  2. Be Kind Always
  3. Share All Things
  4. Be Happy
  5. Love
  6. Follow The Rules

So many sub-categories to list under each rule. Come join us to learn how to fit in.

Simple Actions-Simple Thoughts-Simply Fantastic

HugTerra’s billboard motto and posters all over the commune are super mindset reminders.

Our Cogmod units direct our paths. I can’t wait until my next Cogmod upgrade. The memories seem to get better each time.

HugTerra is a wonderful place to live but one day I hope to graduate to see oceans and live on the floating commune MetroOceanus. Such incredible rumors surrounding our advanced culture there.

People say one can even go swimming in the salt water repositories collected on MO. Wonder and fantasy to us here on HugTerra.

I hope you are doing okay at OverFatherLand Prison. Perhaps you will be freed on good behavior soon. Once you’re fit with your new CogMod all will return to peace and love for you.

For some reason, I can’t recall why you’re at OverFatherLand Prison. Probably best not to remember.

Doing my most to be simple.


(Serenity Land Security Sentinel -704EIj*-952)

P.S. I found your old CogMod in my storage trunk at work. They only get removed from dissenters and defective citizens. No idea why I would have yours. I only take them when I capture a fugitive.

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