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What To Do If You Suffer From Holiday Brain Like Me

Greg Prince
3 min readJul 3, 2019

Getting into the spirit of festivities.

Finished my work early today and the symptoms set in. The “I just wanna relax and do nothing” syndrome. Someone let the air out of my tires. My— Oomph — decided to take a nap.

Must write.
Must write.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and — Holiday Brain — snuck into my sensibility processor and won’t leave. I believe the Department of Lazy Ass and Silly Mental States defines Holiday Brain as:

The day before a national holiday or the day of a national holiday where one finds themselves in a cognitive limbo unable to focus on productivity or anything of serious import.

You can’t trust most government agencies to make an accurate diagnosis of mental conditions (I mean look they state Trump is of sound mind and body) but in the above case, the DLASMS have their science correct. The Department of Lazy Ass and Silly Mental States operates out of Wonderland.

We can count on Queen of Hearts(Head of the DLASMS)to know about lazy and silly.

Identifying the onset of Holiday Brain can be helpful, however many will find themselves, as I have, lingering in the grip of its lollygagging zone. Some may think they have indeed ‘Zoned Out’ or be trippin’ on an unintended NetFlix binge watch.

Be not dismayed.

Common cures involve drinking a strong cup of coffee or reading a good book. Taking a walk or getting some good exercise are also effective remedies. But, one thing is for certain until the holiday is over Holiday Brain will most likely not entirely go away.

Doctor’s themselves are very susceptible and are known to stay on holiday for excessive periods unable to break free from the affliction.

The surest curative for Holiday Brain remains to let loose, forget about being productive (ok, ok, maybe not all day), party a bit, and relax for goodness sake. Be so bold as to get in the spirit of the holiday. Immerse your brain in the jello of being joyful just to be joyful.

  • Smell a flower.

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