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Where Have the Real Questions Gone?

Ask harsher and deeper.

Do you give the time for the bread to rise?
Are you living in a world caught in a chasm of down?
Do you wait to be told how to think?
Are you a puppet of flashes giving you the okay?

Did someone tell you why it’s okay to live?
Has a trend taught you to love hate and forget to forgive?
Did someone allow you to live in your body?
Has the right to be alive been taken from you, codified in a number and lie?

When did you give your soul away?
Who have you trusted to give your trust?
When will you have the courage to take back your reasons?
Who are you living for?

Do you enjoy work?
Why do you exist, to labor?
Do you see more in the grace of a smile?
Why do you awaken and in what treasure do you savor?

How are you turned, by a word or a look?
What worth do you give to trifle soon past?
How can you see beyond each trouble?
What do you count in moments lost to worry and time wasted, love forsook?

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Am I relevant?
Is anyone hearing?
Am I listening?
Is anyone out there?

Visions dancing about my head. I took a route leading through toughest pits and thorns.

Out I came bloodied and broken. Kindness and love looked upon me.

Taken by mistakes and released from shackles both steel and inside, new hope springs forth. From suffering comes understanding and belonging to a grounded universal whole.

Accepted and embraced in a new love for self fresh life is born and cultured.

Who am I?
What am I?
What is my purpose?
What is my goal?

Can I accept my end will not be my end and adapt to the changes?
Can I move with the flow and ebb of life?

Answers are washing in the oceans contained in my small scope of actuality.

Clarity to be found in breathing in the salt and waters found deep in my spirit.

Our greater light present we will all find our transparency upon truly examining our essence.

Have I said anything?
Has any conclusion been achieved?
What questions have I not asked?

A million more inquiries in a million more and personal truths.

Find and be whole.
Be and have peace.
Breathe abundance for every moment in life.


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Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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