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Election 2020

Why Does Trump Want to Pardon Himself If He Hasn’t Broken the Law?

This President never quits his con.

He hasn’t left office yet but he’s already trying to escape. He claims to be innocent and law-abiding, yet he seeks to give himself a Presidential pardon. Does an individual who has not been charged with a crime need to be pardoned? Wouldn’t seeking a pardon before you are charged be incriminating?

President Trump said, “I have the absolute right to PARDON myself.” (source: CNBC)

But he suggested he wouldn’t do that because “I have done nothing wrong.” (source: CNBC)

Mind blown!

When a child comes to a parent and begins their plea with, “Don’t be mad, but…,” the parent knows self-incriminating information will follow. This child is securing a pardon before they spill the beans. The child in his last days in the oval office is giving America a similar plea.

In fact, perhaps one of the reasons the Loser in the oval office wanted to become President is because he dreamed of pardoning himself for the many laws he’s broken. Could he have planned, from the beginning, to place individuals in the DOJ and Supreme Court to get himself off the many hooks he’s on?

Hell yes!

He’s the greatest con man of our time, maybe ever (Disclaimer — Women can be great con persons too, and anyone who prefers them as a pronoun can be a great con). The Loser is not dumb. He’s a schemer.

The best of the best. He made it to the top, and why wouldn’t it be because he did it to make himself money and to get away with breaking the law. These are the most important fundamentals of the Loser’s life. He was losing his fame on television and needed a springboard to the ultimate spotlight.

The Loser says exactly what he means. The problem is that his meaning is exactly the opposite of the real meaning because to the Loser, the meaning is only correct if it fits his desires and needs. When he said he would “Drain the swamp!” what he meant was he would install an ocean of corruption.

When he said he would put up a wall, he meant an overpriced bunch of steel toothpicks that would never cover the whole border between the U.S. and Mexico and be very ineffective at keeping immigrants out. The Loser forgot to mention the negative immigration of Mexicans leaving the U.S. to go back to Mexico (But that’s another story).

Then the big one. The Loser said he would Make America Great Again. But, there are several contradictions he adhered to. He has mismanaged the COVID-19 pandemic to the point of hundreds of thousands of deaths, education deficits, and economic turmoil. He’s still President but seems to have forgotten he’s still leading the country and prefers to golf.

He has caused deep divides to emerge between Americans over the color of skin and levels of wealth. The Loser has made racism a great uniting point for those hiding in their myopic closets. We have to understand what great means to the Loser. It’s not how most of us define great.

He means make himself great (again [contradiction in truth]).

So what if the Loser has broken tax laws, used his position in government to promote his businesses, bribed and coerced women he’s abused to go away, lied about a virus that kills and can cause permanent organ damage, coddled white supremacist groups, paved the way for China to become the biggest economic power in the world, installed government officials to aid him in evading prosecution, and refused to concede the Presidency he’s lost. He told us he would do these things! Of course, none of this is okay.

Now, the Loser plans to pardon himself and make himself very tough to get by using his Attorney General William P. Barr to hide his law-breaking. This behavior is not surprising, although most media makes it out to be shocking.

We weren’t interpreting his words correctly, and maybe only in a bizarro world, the loser’s statements would have been clear. But, going forward, we should be vigilant to understand his meanings and their opposite definitions.

Before he was elected, the Loser was a creep. He was popular slime. Though wealthy, he was known to be underhanded and ruthless. He was even adored for his condescending arrogance.

I will take this opportunity to shame all of the persons who wouldn't vote for Hillary because of emails that never proved to be any crime. Hillary was the competent choice for president four years ago. We watched Trump bully Hillary Clinton, on stage, in a debate, and most people shrugged their shoulders in complaisance.

Clinton should have kicked him in the nuts and told him to get out of her space when he walked up behind her in their debate. The ‘go high when they go low’ technique does not always work with a bully. When a thug gets put in his place, he often cowers and loses his wits. We saw some of this when Joe Biden told the Loser to ‘Shut up!” in their debate.

An innocent person doesn’t need to be forgiven or pardoned. The loser may never admit defeat or concede, but maybe he’ll get prosecuted and punished for his wrongs. Some of us will rejoice on those days.

Health and safety to you all.

We will probably see COVID-19 cases soar in the U.S. due to gatherings over the Thanksgiving holiday. Even if death rates are at 1% when we see a quarter million or more cases a day in the U.S. and more than a million a week, the results will be devastating.

Hopefully, Americans will all take the necessary safety precautions when they realize the consequences of disregarding social distancing and mask-wearing.

Promises of a vaccine and ones that will be effectively distributed in time to curb the virus’ outbreak are not encouraging. Our current government system is horrible at managing this pandemic and we must take action now!

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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