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Why I Hate EL Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie Review

Is this the end of the ride for Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman?

Greg Prince
2 min readOct 14, 2019

Must all good things come to an end? Woe is me and all the Breaking Bad fandom. Without Vince Gilligan’s masterpiece continuing the world will lose an entertainment giant. Thus is my hate for the end.

Sure we have Better Call Saul but I want to see more about Jesse Pinkman(Actor Aaron Paul). How he goes on in life. Does he go back to life making meth or does he begin a new life and stay on a track with no connection to any drug world?

El Camino is another great piece of drama and riveting excitement. The driving plot of Jesse Pinkman escaping Albuquerque takes us back through the last moments of Breaking bad and catapults us into his continuing hellacious trek.

Vince Gilligan, if you can read this and hear the world’s yearning for more, please write a new series based on Jesse Pinkman’s continued existence. Pinkman’s character is deep and complex with pathos our collective teeth sink into.

In Jesse Pinkman we find a man struggling with his own evils and striving to be a good person. His failures push him to great mental anguish while he battles against his own demons struggling to be a person he respects.

Every minute of El Camino acknowledges the history of the Breaking Bad series while managing to be a stand-alone film. We are able to understand Jesse Pinkman inside and out. The teachings of Walter White are evident in Jesse but he still shows unique attributes we love.

Netflix has given us a quality film in El Camino. Hopefully, Vince Gilligan and his writers will continue to bring us more Breaking Bad entertainment in a series about Jesse Pinkman’s new life.

I hate El Camino only in that this film may be the end of our voyage with Jesse Pinkman. Breaking Bad is, in my opinion, the best television series ever made. El Camino is excellent follow up to Breaking Bad, but I want more.

More Jesse Pinkman for everyone, please.

In the meantime, I’m going to love every minute of Peter Gould’s and Gilligan’s Better Call Saul is being produced.

Happy Watching!



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