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Winning The Unlucky 50 Million Dollar Lottery Jackpot!

Greg Prince
2 min readMay 8, 2019


How much more precious than money is the smile and hope that wins it.

Pressure so sweet there is no end in sight. Joseph’s elation consumed him. Fifty million dollars! Joseph’s eyes watered with joy considering PowerGoldBall will pay 2/3 cash on the total and he would still have 25 million dollars after taxes. How would he deal with such sudden riches?

He searched the internet for advice on first steps to follow after winning the lottery. He ignored everything he read.

Only 1 thing to do.

Joseph went to the state Lottery Commission office. He drove 7 hours overnight to arrive when the office opened.

At 8 am he provided proof of identity, signed necessary forms, and asked the money be sent to his bank account. Twenty-five million dollars arrived in his account the next morning at 2 am.

Driving back to his tiny studio apartment Joseph thought about traveling the world, supporting his favorite causes, and helping his friends and family with all their needs.

He felt unselfish and determined to share. Being wired to win he hadn’t slept in 30 hours. CCR played on the radio, “Put me in coach. I’m ready to play, today. Look at me I can be centerfield…”

Joseph’s head rocked back and forth to the rhythm and beat. Lines on the highway melted into one another. The music so gentle…

“The bank manager called today hun. Asked me to come in and verify I’m Joseph’s father to claim the money.” Joseph’s father called to his mother. He fought back the tears but she wouldn’t speak or come out of the bedroom for another month.

He thought about making the first steps towards healing and wondering all the good things Joseph would have done with the lottery jackpot.

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