Yes. I think they said it was a genetically passed disease but when I researched that the medical sites said that was extremely rare. The condition is mostly caused by poor diet and lack of activity. Notice no shaming here, just data. I don’t know the truth behind the genetic cause claim. The credulous will fall for the pleas and moaning. If I remember correctly said sufferer was making between 5 and 10 thousand a month on Medium. Why can’t they afford their own operation? I think they said they made over 6 figures on Medium last year. Or was it the year before? What ever the case seeing the victim play is sickening.

Oh, I don’t need to comment, or maybe I do, about the food-porn shots they share on FB or Insta. The choices are horrible usually for encouraging a healthy diet.

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.