Delicious Zone! by Gregory Prince

Zen Oreoz — The Art of Appreciation

An AWAKE! moment with my Daughter

This last few weeks my 8-year-old daughter and I share 10 minutes almost every night learning Spanish together. It’s a time we can’t wait for every day.

I bought a course on beginner’s Spanish on Udemy because she said she was excited to learn the language with me.

Awesome times indeed!

Uninterrupted, one on one time often filled with laughter and silliness. Rebecca is a sponge and she soaks up new knowledge.

Each lesson rewards me with a great treasure watching her gears turn radiating wonder exploding in her eyes.

Last night a magical moment sparked. We were reviewing the word for carrot in Spanish, “zanahorias.” It’s a funny word to say and Rebecca finds it hilarious and goofy.

The sparkle Rebecca glows with is infectious and our shared time is precious.

A creative dazzle-zap cracks us up!

The words spring from her like a zany flash. Rebecca laughs out in a mocking giggle, “Zen Oreoz!”

Both of us smile and break out in a roar of belly shaking chuckles. It’s space in time without any boundaries, anxiety, or worry. It transforms me, takes away the stress of paying the bills or being enough of a Dad, husband, man or attempts to be greater.

It’s a perfect moment.

Rebecca feels it too. She is in a zone of kid happiness. She is being and I am lucky enough to share with her in this instant.

Zen Oreoz is her incredible creation and a sweet taste for Rebecca to remember the word carrot in Spanish.

I draw a crude picture of a cookie with OREOZ printed in the middle and a word bubble that says, “OM!”

Rebecca draws her own picture to keep for herself. She’s an excellent 8-year-old artist.

This chunk of daddy-daughter time lasts about 15 minutes but it’s not so clearly defined and linear. We are outside of time. We are in a continuum of awake being in free form, healed in our upside-down world of giggles of all stress and obligation.

We want to stay. We want to live in this moment forever.

The guffaws cease for a second and the world comes rushing back. I inform Rebecca it’s time to brush her teeth and get ready for bed, it’s a school night.

The person in the mind-mirror.

Thoughts are crashing in my head.

My endorphins are jumping.

I feel like the world is floating in jello of happy and I know Rebecca is feeling the same. Her honest gay expression in her ear-to-ear smile, the lightness of her skipping walk, Rebecca’s dance and shoulder shake shows the joy of her just being.

This is the wonder that inspires my words so you feel these things. To infect you with a need to be and to do what you are.

I am not wealthy at all in dollars or things but exceedingly rich in treasures of much greater value. My wife and daughters have enriched my being beyond any material accumulation.

I am thankful, humbled, and grateful.

Don’t Miss What You Have!

You have being.

We are so caught up in doing and so busy scraping to be whatever successful means. I forget sometimes what it means to be when the world dictates we must be doing and doing and doing to exist.

I urge you to take time each day to ZONE OUT!

Put down your electronic devices, no screens, no distractions. Find a time to be. It might just be 1 minute or an hour if you’re extremely lucky. Concentrate on your breath.

Feel who you be!

Bringing real feelings along with messages of inspiration and imagination to life. Awakening is the symptom of my infectious condition. Poetry is my condition.

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